Liedle, Larson & Vail, LLP
Liedle, Larson & Vail, LLP

Practice Areas

Liedle, Larson & Vail, LLP specializes in the following areas:

  • Construction:
    Drafting and negotiating contracts, prosecuting and defending breach of contract claims and collection and lien actions, pursuing and litigating both public and private claims for contractors and sureties, and defending sureties and all types of contractors and design professionals in post- construction defect claims. 
  • Professional Liability: 
    Defending negligence actions involving real estate and insurance brokers, architects, attorneys, accountants and engineers.
  • Product Liability:
    Defending product defects claims of all types, including consumer products, specialty devices, construction materials and industrial machinery.
  • Employment:
    Defending clients in wrongful termination and discrimination claims, claims under the Fair Employment Housing Act and claims under Labor Code section 132a involving alleged discrimination against employees who have filed a workers compensation claim. Services also include drafting employee manuals and providing presentations and advice for human resource professionals and managers.  
  • Government Tort Liability: 
    Defending governmental agencies in a wide variety of actions, including tort and inverse condemnation claims, employment-related matters and police excessive force actions.
  • Business Claims and Disputes:
    Assisting companies and individuals in a variety of disputes, including breach of contract and formation claims, sales disputes and business dissolution actions.
  • Personal Injury/Premises Liability/Transportation/Garage Keepers:
    Defending and prosecuting all types of personal injury claims, including cases involving common carriers such as limousines, trucks, buses, and automobiles and construction site accidents including claims of permanent paralysis and wrongful death. Services also include defending property owners in a wide variety of claims, including slip, trip and falls, Americans with Disabilities Act design defects, fires and hazardous conditions related to toxic materials exposure.
  • Environmental Claims:
    Defending property owners and alleged polluters in federal and state court actions involving claims by private property owners and governmental entities.
  • Commercial Collection:
    Aggressive pursuit of commercial obligations on behalf of business clients, including negotiating payment plans, debt enforcement through litigation, obtaining judgments, prosecuting liens and post-judgment debt collection activities.


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